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Highschool Children

College Consulting Comprehensive Package

(amount subject to change)

Monthly Sessions (Sept-May) Include:

Prior to Junior Year (Freshman and/or Sophomore Year)

  • Focus is on organizational skills and college readiness

  • 1:1 Coaching at least 3 times during each school year (9th and 10th grade)

  • Evaluation of transcript to offer suggestions on courses to take based on Endorsement

  • Evaluation of grades and HS career progression

Fall of Junior Year

  • Families are given access to GuidedPath, an online college planning resource

  • Assistance with scholarships searching

  • Grades check and assistance with classes

  • Evaluate transcript to determine course placement and missing courses for graduation

  • Discussion of extracurricular activities

  • Personality assessment taken to learn about strengths and weaknesses

  • Essay writing assistance (brainstorming and editing

  • Testing support resources for the SAT/ACT

  • Establish goals to practice goal setting during our time together

Spring of Junior Year

  • Continuation of practice essay and personal statement writing (brainstorming and editing)

  • Career Assessment to assist student in determining career goals and possible college majors

  • Academic resume assistance (editing)

  • Creating "best fit" college list

Summer Between Junior and Senior Year

  • Continue researching majors and colleges for compilation of finalized college "best fit" list

  • Continue perfecting personal statement/essay

Fall of Senior Year

  • Complete "best fit" college list

  • Determine official college major based on desired career choice

  • Apply to colleges on your "best fit" list

  • Assistance with not only personal statement but also, any supplemental essays (brainstorming and editing)

  • Apply for Financial Aid and any scholarships

Spring of Senior Year

  • Determine school of choice since acceptance letters will start to arrive

  • Discussion regarding all things college life (specific to the student's situation)

Tailored to YOU Package (Seniors Only)


This package is for the High School Senior who has not yet started the process of college searching.  This package includes the Senior portion ONLY of the Comprehensive Package, which covers career research, college applications assistance (brainstorming and editing) and financial aid assistance.  Student will meet with Coach Ashlea biweekly during August and September and then once a month during the months of October, November, December and April.  For more information, click the link below.

Pay As You GO!

$75 per session

If you are not interested in the comprehensive package or maybe you are a Freshman or Sophomore in High School and you have specific questions.  Maybe you only need assistance in one college admissions area...this is the option for YOU.  We can meet once or twice and I can assist you.  NOTE: If you are seeking more than two meetings per year in HS, a package must be purchased.

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